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Dr Nordhoff is flexible in complying with state board requirements and is able to modify these seminars to fit the needs of the requesting organization or college. The number of hours can be modified to fit specific state requirements for topics.

Risk Management and Medical Record Standards for the Chiropractic Office Ethics (for DC and staff - 8 hours)

  • How risk management benefits the office and patients
  • State Board Regulations for the Chiropractor and business
  • Medical Record Standards for Chiropractors and Assistants
  • HIPAA Regulations: Updates and Compliance
  • Record Management (Maintenance, release, & destruction) 
  • Office Policies for Patients and Staff
  • Stroke Risk Research and Informed Consent
  • Adverse Event Occurrence-Staff/DC Roles
MOCK STROKE. Class split into groups. Staff and DC role-play a simulated stroke, calling 911, what to say to dispatch with 911 call, describing adverse event to EMT-fire-Police, and describing adverse event to the ER doctor and  discussions with family members. How do document adverse event. This is very valuable training for DC and his/her staff.
  • Teamwork of Chiropractor, Staff Office Manager and Chiropractic Assistant Teamwork
  • Disruptive and Non-Compliant Patient Discharge
  • Ethics and boundary issues relating to chiropractor, staff, office, and patients
  • Billing Basics and Various Coding Issues
  • Medicare Updates-You Must Comply!
  • Define Acute versus Chronic Pain
  • History and Examination Strategies
  • Diagnosis Protocols (Findings-Radiology) and ICD updates. Get ready for ICD-10 codes.
  • Treatment Plans, Strategies, Exercise, and MMI Determination
    Treatment notes
  • Tools-Metrics to Document Necessity of Care and Recovery
  • Treatment Guideline

Whiplash Update 4-hours for Chiropractors

  • Updated Literature Review on Chiropractic and Motor Vehicle Crashes
  • Injury Biomechanics (Rear, Side, Frontal Impacts)
  • Subfailure Injuries: Cadaveric Research
  • Intake and History Protocols
  • Examination and Diagnosis Strategies
  • Management Strategies and Treatment options
  • Therapeutic exercise/activities and neuromuscular re-education
  • Documentation Standards
  • Billing and Coding updates
  • WAD Research Update
  • Challenges Facing Physicians

Whiplash Seminars and
Forensic Analysis of Medical Records Seminars

Whiplash SeminarsLawrence Nordhoff, DC, ACTAR,  provides seminars (typically 12 hours for the topic of motor vehicle collision injuries) and 4-6 hour seminars on medical records standards for various chiropractic colleges and state associations for purposes of continuing education credits. These seminars are usually held on Saturdays-Sundays. Dr Nordhoff  has provided numerous lectures for Chiropractors since 1996.  He has lectured for Western States Chiropractic College, Life Chiropractic College West, Cleveland Chiropractic College, Palmer College of Chiropractic, and several state associations. All seminars can be customized to the needs and interests of the attendees and sponsors.

Typical 12-hour Program Outline

Vehicle and Collision Factors that Influence Injury
Direction of impact and injury biomechanics
Delta-V threshold for injuries in frontal, side, and rear-end crashes
Seatbelts, airbags, and head restraints and injury
Pick-up truck/SUV’s and vehicles with tow bars

Human Factors Influencing Injury
Age and gender of occupant
Out-of-Position occupants
Pre-existing conditions

Low-Speed Rear-End Motor Vehicle Crashes


If you are interested in scheduling Dr Nordhoff for an upcoming seminar or to look at the material typically handed out to attendees at a typical seminar, please contact Dr Nordhoff directly at

(925) 484-2167

or at his office located at:

4133 Mohr Ave, Ste F
Pleasanton, CA 94566

You can contact Dr Nordhoff by email at

If contacting via email, be clear with subject heading (e.g., looking for a whiplash speaker). Dr Nordhoff does not open email that looks like spam.

Contact Dr Nordhoff directly for pricing and availability. Typically, all expenses plus an appropriate honorarium are requested. 

Dr Nordhoff uses a digital projector and Power Point presentations for his seminars.


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